01-15-19 No Word on Grant. Updating Presentation Materials for Potential Capital Contributors

No word yet regarding our grant submissions. As James writes in chapter one of his epistle. “The trying of your faith produces patience.”  We thought we were strong in this area previously but as good as we were, we are obviously gaining and growing in patience.

We are creating a mockup app presentation of the Phase One Prayer App.  This will demonstrate the basic functions of the Prayer App. Upon completion of the prototype, we’ll have two online presentations.

Presentation One – A three-minute demo of doing 21 decrees/declarations on a mockup of a cell phone.  This will track the three different categories (government, church and personal), and show the counting of decrees made for scoring and gaining of tokens for completion. Most importantly, it will demonstrate that all we are asking people to commit too, is just three minutes per day.

Presentation Two – An instructive presentation of the primary features of the app. We’ll be taking the viewer through the 21 decrees/declarations and explain the multifaceted features of each item. This will be most valuable in helping people to see a fuller picture of what we are developing and how it will build community. We anticipate this presentation will be less than 10 minutes.

With these two presentations in hand along with and updating of the website we will be in a better position to present our opportunity. We anticipate having all of this done and operational by the first week of February.

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