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Beta Tester – Use the prerelease version of the Prayer App looking for any potential issues of concerns. Beta testers will use the Prayer App daily as a user and report likes, dislikes and issues at least once per week for the testing period which will be approximately 30 to 60 days.

Capital Contributor – would like information on our crown funding program. Capital contributions are made to XOlence as a contribution with the potential reward of receiving four times what is given in the form of revenue sharing until a full reward is received no promises or guarantees.

SEA (Spiritual Economic Advisor) – would like more information on being a SEA. SEAs are individuals who represent XOlence to organizations encouraging them to  participate in our community. Organizations that participate receive 30% of all proceeds that come into XOlence, Inc. through advertising and subscriptions. There is no fees or financial requirements for SEAs, SEAs receive a percentage of all accounts they service. SEAs are ministry minded individuals which apply for the opportunity.

Organization – would like more information on being a sponsoring organization that will have a Private Label Prayer App. Organizations basically receive 30% of all proceeds as mentioned above under SEAs. There is no fees or financial requirements for organizations, as their Family Tree grows down multiple levels they earn 30% to an unlimited depth until another Organization is formed in that leg of the Family Tree.

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