Welcome to the XOlence, Inc. introductory page for the XOprayer App. The App is being designed, developed and programmed in partnership with Dave Martin Ministries. It is scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2018. The adjacent 10-minute presentation video will give you a good overview of the projects, objectives, methodologies and strategies to be on over one million devices within six months of release.

The primary objectives of the App are: to connect and grow the body of Christ, to make an incredible impact on the world and the body of Christ through simple prayer declarations, and to generate great sums of money to advance the Kingdom of God.

You might wonder how a free App can generate so much money… Good question! And the answer is, “The genius of God.” This entire project exemplifies God’s incredible ingenuity, combined with applied knowledge. Having studied XO (exponential organizations) for years and having taught the concepts around the world to business leaders provided a great foundation for development. As you’ll see in the video, there are 11 attributes to successful XO companies like Facebook, Uber, Instagram, etc. that set the stage for rapid growth. Many of these attributes have been applied in the XOlence company and the XOprayer App, and it has the potential to change the world. Successful XO companies typically have five or six of the attributes incorporated into their structure.

The App will offer thousands of simple 10 second declaration/decree prayers. On the bottom of each decree is a small banner Ad that will generate a penny a day if a person does the 21 declarations we are asking them to do; seven for government, seven for the body of Christ and seven for them personally. Most people interviewed in our research tell us they will gladly participate in this project to help change the world. But to make it even more motivating, each person who does the 21 declarations a day receives a token (valued at $1) to spend in the ministry store. If they do them seven days consecutively, the tokens double.

To quickly exponentially multiply our users, we offer each user 10 tokens for allowing us to send an invite to receive the free App to all their friends and five additional tokens for each friend who installs it.

Now do the simple math, if one person got just five friends and they each got five friends etc.., by round three we’d have 25 people from just one person. Now imagine thousands doing the same things, and to levels of five or more, we quickly have one million users. A penny a day doubled for thirty days is over five million dollars!

Imagine what will happen with one million people a day making a decree for government such as. “All corruption and evil in government is exposed and removed.” (less than six seconds to decree). Then imagine with us the one-year goal of being on 100 million devices and how we can change the world with simple unified prayers.

A penny a day is not much but does equate to over $250,000 a month with a million users. But to help fund the Kingdom, we ask those who can to join the mission and subscribe to the App for $5 a month. This eliminates all advertising but more importantly provides an abundance of revenue to advance the Kingdom of God. The XOlence corporate goal is to put 95% of net profit directly back into the Kingdom. From day one of the launching of the App launch though, 30% of gross revenue will be given back to the organizations that promote it, along with 10% given to the spiritual leaders helping us, and 10% into tithing.

Watch the video, and see the genius of God!

Three Minute Prayer App Demonstration of 21 Decrees/Declarations.

Seven Minute Presentation of the Prayer App Basic Functions

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